How I Dye Pens.

Written by Joe Agrella






This is the method I use to dye pen blanks. I am sure its not the best way but the easiest for me. As I go along I will probably refine many of the processes I am using now.
This certainly is not the only way to do it.
Please remember to use safety at all times.
Start Aspen Wood First we need to start with a nice blank. This one is aspen.  I also use box elder.  I think box elder  takes the dye better.






This is the brand of dye I use. Found on the internet. It works satisfactory. There are others that work equally well. Find one you are comfortable with.


This I turn the blank down to the size I want and then do all the sanding down to 400 grit.


Then I get a small piece of shop towel and I will dip it into the dye. In this example I am going to use Emerald Green Dye.

Dying Process
After the dye dries what you have to do next is seal it in. I have tried different methods but have settled on using sanding sealer. I apply it with a paper towel using a generous amount. Let it dry. Then sand it lightly with 400 grit sand paper. I have found that it finishes better with this light sanding. Then I buff it out on my buffing wheel with white polish. Then I apply my finish which is CA. Then once again I lightly buff it out on the buffing wheel.

This is the finished pen ready to go. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

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