Cigar Pens
Cigar Pens: The Cigar Pen is perfect for those who prefer a hefty, more masculine looking pen. Prominent black accent bands compliment plated areas while the "nut" shaped insignia found on the end of the cap adds a rugged flavor. Finished pen/pencil size: 9/16" x 5 1/2".
Always adding new pens check back often.
They are hand made one of a kind and much better in person then these pictures show.
Need Boxes for you pens? Go Here Boxes We Have refills too!
Please note these are all one of a kind turnings and are subject to prior sale. If you do see a particular piece that you like that has been sold, I can custom make another, but because no two pieces of the original blanks will be identical and turnings are all done by hand, there will be some variation in the final pieces.
See my wood chart pen page for more ideas.

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Pen Image Pen Style Pen Type Pen Wood Serial No Selling Price
187 Cigar Pen Twist Fla Oak Burl $31.61
217 Cigar Pen Twist Cedar $31.61
218 Cigar Pen Twist Pernambucco $32.96
233 Cigar Pen Twist Acrylic $31.61
236 Cigar Pen Twist Red Heart $31.61
242 Cigar Pen Twist Cedar $31.61
252 Cigar Fountain Pen Fountain Pen Acrylic $42.55
268 Cigar Pen Twist Florida Cherry $26.77
414 Cigar Pen Twist Fla Oak Burl $26.77
447 Cigar Pen Twist Unknown $26.77
473 Cigar Pen Twist Willow Burl $26.77
474 Cigar Pen Twist Mango $28.02
481 Cigar Pen Twist Acrylic $34.99
486 Cigar Pen Twist Amboyna Burl $39.27
526 Cigar Pen Twist Mangrove $28.02
532 Cigar Pen Twist Box Elder Burl $28.02
586 Cigar Pencil Twist Cocobolo $32.08
590 Cigar Pen Twist RedWood Burl $31.61
613 Cigar Pen Twist Mango $31.61
690 Cigar Pencil Twist Ebony Black & White $31.05
691 Cigar Pen Twist Corn Cob $28.46
728 Cigar Pen Twist Yew English $25.31
752 Cigar Pen Twist Maple Curly $25.31

Parker©-style refill pens

Parker©-style refills are replaced by carefully unscrewing the top section from the bottom section.  These two sections unscrew. Discard the old refill and replace it with a new one.  Reverse the process to assemble the pen.

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