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News And Updates

  • What's New Here
  • 1-21-2914
  •  Pen Box v5.0
  • Set up a little different. Pen of the same
  • type are now in a folder according to their
  • kind.
  • Could use some beta testers.


  • 12-24-2011
  • Database inventory program for us wood turners.
  • If interested let me know. Please remember its a beta version! Not the same as Pen Box.
  • 9-10-2010

  • 4.1.3 update released

  • Added a demo of A current release of the database. It is limited but will give you an idea what version 4.1.3 does.

  • Also put online Wood Tracker 2.2

  • This program is simple just keeps track of where and how much your wood cost.

  • Version Update v4.01 is released
  • Updated the Pen Entry and Sold Pen Entry
  • Many other changes including data.
  • Added recompiled version of Bushing Tracker,
  • Updated with Latest version of Pen Box
  • Pen box 2.02 Old Unsupported Version added for Donations if you find useful.

  • Adding a Purchasing Database and

  • Wood Tracking Database

Other Databases I am working On

2/5/12 Just Updated -- Joes Movie Database

I use this database to keep track of my movie collection.

Elongated Penny Collector

This is a program I use to keep track of all my Elongated Pennies that I have Collected.

Penny Collector

It may be a bit difficult to work with.  No instructions.

Program contains data but you can clear the data base by going to the search page and use the box in the lower right hand corner.


Penny Collectors Beta's

Pen Box v5.0 complete do over  ---------> New & under development

v5.01 is set up to be a little more flexible. You can add or remove pen type, status, wood types, acrylics etc.
You can add new pen type directories.

If you can think of something you wish to track in a database please let me know so i can include it. This version is
compiled with a newer compiler making it not older versions in compatible. I would be able to convert for you.

Penbox will allow you to enter data for about a 30 day trial bases before requiring registration.
Cost of v5 is $

 There will be a upgrade discount for v4 users.
Penbox v5.01
More wood turners views here  ------------ Download v.2beta version here
Other Database programs
Bushing Tracker v2.0
Pen Bushing Tracker
Bushing Tracker will keep track of your bushing and also provides information about the bushing such as diameter, number, etc..
Pen Box v4.1.3

Joe's Custom Pens

Contact Information

Pen Box 4.0.1  

Cost is  $75.00  Purchase here --------------------------------------->
Upon Receipt of purchase You will be emailed a link to the download of the program.

Some Features found in PenBox Below:

For Version 4.1.3
Includes Bushing Database  
Bushing Database  
Other Item Section  
Finally a Pen Kit Database  
Kit Database  
Other database Programs  
Purchasing Database v2.0  
Needed a way to track purchases. To see how much and to whom I bought supplies. Also a easy way to find things I have bought and from whom.  
Need your comments and ideas. Contributions welcomed. Contribution.  
Purchasingv2.0 here. (soon)  
Wood Tracking Database  
Needed a way to keep track of what wood I was purchasing and from where and how much I spent on it.  
Wood Tracker v2.2 hereUPDATED  
Demo Version of Penbox  
JUST ADDED -- 9/11/2010  
Demo Version of Penbox 4.0.1 here
Limited in operation but will demo how the program works.

Old Unsupported Programs
My Pen Box Version 2.02  

Old version of Pen Box Fully functional but not compatible with new version. Free to use and if you find useful a contribution would be appreciated.

NOTICE: This software is as is NO support anymore.

 Contribution.     Penbox2 here